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Desconstrução do Ser

The "Deconstruction of Being" collection is inspired by Stanley Kubrick's film, "2001 - A Space Odyssey".

Based on feminine forms that reveal strength and contemporaneity, the collection proposes an innovative design, with sinuous silhouettes clean and well-delineated lines that reinforce the references and circular shapes of Kubrick's film.

Parts gain movement and break rigidity through asymmetry. The astronaut suit, so characteristic of Kubric's film, seals the body and stands out in most of the looks in the collection.

Voluminous and architectural pieces inspired by the concept of the 1950s are handcrafted with plastic paint in shades of white and purple and B&W.

Materials such as vinyl complement the futuristic, technological tone of the clothes that mix with the concept of organicity in fabrics such as linen and twill.

Maria Carolina Baraldi

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