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The movies Lalaland and Les Parapluies de Cherbourg are cinematographic works that combine aesthetics and script, the first showcasing the preciousness of 1930s old Hollywood through musical numbers and dance, and the second recalls the 1960s with its silhouettes, colours, and history that portrays the culture of the time.

These narratives resulted in image research associated with my creative vision of experimentation with materials, cutouts, lines, and 3D studies.

Reinvention is a collection that connects elements from the past, as 1930s glamour with 1960s lines and cutouts, in a modern and inventive way through materials, silhouettes, and the image of a woman who moves between casual and glamorous.

It is about being bold, sexy and upfront. This collection embraces women's sensuality and gives them the voice and confidence through empowering their body lines.

Maria Carolina Baraldi

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